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Margin Rules
Updated over a week ago

It's crucial to keep in mind that when trading with leverage, traders are responsible for actively monitoring their open positions and ensuring that they maintain the necessary margin level.

Our Margin Rules for Challenge and Funded Accounts are as follows:

  • Margin Call level - 110%

  • Stop Out level - 100%

If the margin level reaches 110%, a Margin Call will be issued, and no new trades can be opened.

If the margin level drops to 100% or below, a Stop Out will occur, and your positions will begin to close starting with the least profitable one.

To maintain and manage your margin levels effectively, it may be necessary to reduce the lot size of your positions and decrease the margin you're trading on. We strongly recommend that traders practice proper risk management and use stop losses to prevent margin calls. Your available margin is calculated based on your current balance.

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