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What happens if I breach the account?
What happens if I breach the account?
Updated over a week ago

If you breach a daily drawdown or max drawdown rule, our Evaluation technology will automatically detect the violation, resulting in your account being set to read-only mode. Your Dashboard will indicate this infringement by updating the account status to "Breached." To receive another opportunity at the Evaluation, you must purchase a new account through our website.

Upon breaching, you will be emailed a 20% discount code that you can use on your Evaluation.
If you pass the Evaluation but are later found to have committed any violations, such as breaching our Terms of Use, misusing the demo trading environment or using a Prohibited Trading Strategy, a member of our Team will reach out to inform you of the infraction. Your account will then be manually set to read-only mode, and your Dashboard will display the violation by updating the account status to "Breached," and you will not be able to take another Evaluation with us.

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