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The Lark Gain Protector
The Lark Gain Protector
Updated over a week ago

The Lark Gain Protector allows traders to request a withdrawal from their Simulated Funded Account even if they breached the daily drawdown limit.

You earned those gains. So you deserve them.

In order to qualify, you can't have had a loss that equals more than 1% of your account balance and you need a minimum of 5 trading days. We're here to reward hard-working, disciplined traders.


You grow your $100,000 Funded Account from $100,000 to $110,000. Then, you breach the daily loss limit (5%), and the account drops to $105,000.

At this point, because you exceeded the Daily DD, you've breached the account. But there is still $5000 worth of gains in your account.

At Lark Funding, on your withdrawal date, we will still pay you those gains!

Please email our support team, and we'll ensure that everything gets taken care of.

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