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The Lark Simulated Funded Reset
The Lark Simulated Funded Reset
Updated over a week ago

You've worked hard, sometimes even years, to earn a Simulated Funded Account and then after 1-2 mistakes, you've breached it!

Usually, you'd have to go through the entire Evaluation process again.

But not with the Lark Funded Reset.

If you want to reset your Simulated Funded Account after breaching it, please email us at [email protected] to request a reset.

This is how it will work:

  1. Upon receiving your email, our team will manually review the trades you took in your Simulated Funded Account.

  2. After reviewing the account, you will be emailed back regarding our decision within 72 hours. If we've approved the reset request, you'll be given the option to pay between 3-5x the challenge fee to reset the account back to its starting balance. At that point, you can return to trading your Simulated Funded Account!

Please note that an approved Simulated Funded Account reset is not guaranteed. The program is designed to reward disciplined, risk-managed and hard-working traders. If you breached the account in a single trade or within a week of receiving it, it's very unlikely that we'll approve the reset.

For insight, here are some of the criteria we'd like to see:

  1. The more demo trading days on the account, the better.

  2. We like to see no demo loss equal to more than 1% of the account balance. The smaller the loss, the better.

  3. Consistency in execution: We want to see that you're sticking to your strategy.

** We launched this feature in late July 2023. As we continue to have traders take advantage, over time, to make it easier to understand, we will be more specific on what trading conditions need to be met to qualify, so please visit this page frequently as pricing is likely to change as well.

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